Another paper opposes “theory of whatever” bill

Florida Today has published an editorial opposing Sen. Wise’s “non-evolution” “theory of whatever” bill:

There he goes again. Sen. Wise used identical language in a previous bill that failed to become law. It’s almost pitiful, that this is what the deniers of evolution are reduced to. In this country, lawmakers have mandated teaching only the Biblical story of creation. The courts killed it. Then it was creationism. Dead. Intelligent design. Dead. So now it’s a “critical analysis.”

This state has big issues to face. It has budget problems measured in the billions. It has teachers rebelling against new ways of grading them and paying them. It has students who aren’t measuring up to their peers in the rest of the world. And we’re going to nitpick about evolution.

As innocuous as this small section of the bill seems, it should be removed. The injection of religion into a scientific theory — which obviously is what SB 1854 seeks to foster — has no place in the public school classroom. Period.

Fortunately, it looks like the bill isn’t moving forward during this legislative session. Paul Cottle says on his blog that the education committees are done, with no more meetings planned. However, I won’t relax until the legislative session is completely wrapped up. There is always a chance for amendments to be slipped into other bills.

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One Response to Another paper opposes “theory of whatever” bill

  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    I don’t think the bill has been offically dismissed sine die yet,I did speak to a spokesperson from Sen Paula Dockery’s office yesterday, who said “I don’t see this going any where,even as a attachment to another bill. Sen Wise is very involved with SB 2120 at the moment” Let’s hope this is the case.

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