National news keeping eye on Florida

A couple of national news outlets are taking note of Senator Wise’s antievolution bill. They’re both just rewrites of Florida stories, but they are still worth logging in here on the blog. The Huffington Post has a story: “Florida State Lawmaker Takes Heat For Bill That Would Require Teaching Of ‘Non-Evolution’“. I’m very glad that the media is taking note of the whole “non-evolution” quote from Wise. It really shows just how full of hot air his proposal is. And Mother Jones has a short blurb: “Top Florida Lawmaker Resurrects Creationism Bill“. That’s another great headline, nailing Wise’s bill for its creationist roots. I’m loving it! The National Center for Science Education also has a media roundup, mentioning Florida articles that can also be found here on this blog.

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  1. Eduardo says:

    I have created a petition that generates emails sent to FL Senate and House member asking them to vote against this bill. Please sign and share it.

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