More antievolution bill news coverage

The St. Petersburg Times education blog The Gradebook ran our recent news release.

Also, I was interviewed by the Central Florida Fox affiliate, Channel 35, about this bill. The story will run tonight at 10 and 11. John Stemberger was interviewed in favor of the bill. If you watch, let me know what you think of the final story.

Edited to add: The station’s website is running a poll about evolution right now. It’s currently on their home page. Head on over and storm it, please.

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One Response to More antievolution bill news coverage

  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    Do you believe evolution should be taught as a theory instead of accepted fact?
    I’m not sure
    What a stupid poll, Evolution IS a theory and a fact,good grief these news people are just as dumb as the general public !!!!!!!

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