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Tonight: History Channel’s Evolve “Sex”

The next episode of the History Channel’s series on evolution is tonight,10.00 PM for Florida viewers:  Evolve: Sex. Unfortunately I’ll be missing this as I am leaving on a short cruise to the Caribbean today and will return on Monday 25th.

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New York Times piece

There is a great column in the New York Times that’s worth printing out and saving for future reference. In these arguments, evolution is treated as an abstract subject that deals with the age of the earth or how fish … Continue reading

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Morning news dump

Palm Beach Post: ‘Evolution Act’ passed by panel “You cannot simply call a religious belief scientific information and thus open the door to teaching it in our scientific classrooms,” said Courtenay Strickland, the daughter of a Baptist minister and a … Continue reading

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How “scientific theory” got into the standards

The St. Petersburg Times posted a story this evening outlining what was found in e-mails the newspaper obtained via public records requests from the Florida Department of Education. The purpose of the public records request? To find out where the … Continue reading

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Florida columnist and NY Times see through the BS

Bill Maxwell, columnist for the St. Petersburg Times, draws a clear line between personal faith and public education, and admonishes state Sen. Storms for crossing it. With state Sen. Ronda Storms officially joining the debate over the teaching of evolution … Continue reading

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Some reporters are paying attention, and so is the DI

Yup, the folks at the St. Petersburg Times have been scooping up all the information popping up on the blogs about the obvious motivations behind the creationism bills and piecing it together. The more exposure this gets, the better. Religion … Continue reading

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Drama, drama, drama

The Tampa Tribune has an article about the proposed creationism bill (“academic freedom act”) in the state legislature. There appear to be folks holding down forts on both sides of the fence on this issue. A Senate committee chairman wants … Continue reading

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I’m sooooo tired of the word theory

I’ve been sitting here for a while now trying to sort out how I feel about this story in the Ocala Star-Banner. I’m fine with the sentiments of the quoted science teachers, but I have this nagging heartburn over how … Continue reading

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