End-of-course exams

The Orlando Sentinel picks up on my previous post about a bill proposing to do away with the 11th grade science FCAT, and talks about end-of-course exams.

Florida educational leaders have indicated support for end-of-the-year exams in high school. They think testing what students learned at the end of a course in, say, biology or chemistry, could make more sense than testing knowledge on lots of subjects — 2/3’s of the way through 11th grade (FCAT being given in early March).

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  1. PDC says:

    New York State has been offering end-of-course Regents Exams for more than a century. If you are interested, you might try looking at examples of the exams themselves at


    The “Regents Examinations, Regents Competency Tests, and Proficiency Examinations School Administrator’s Manual 2001 Edition” which, despite its awful title, has a useful general introduction:


    The standards on which the exams are based can be found at


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