State’s lawmakers might rattle their sabers

I had already noted a warning issued by State Rep. Dan Gelber that legislators might take an interest in all the hoopla over evolution being in the new draft of the state science standards. Now a second lawmaker states essentially the same thing in the The Gradebook. The differences here are that this guy doesn’t quite see things in the same way as Gelber, and that he has an important position in the House concerning education.

Rep. Joe Pickens, R-Palatka, says he has concerns about the proposed state standards himself.

“If it becomes a matter for legislative discussion, then I would have opinions that if it’s going to be presented, it’s presented … in a manner that is not potentially exclusive of any other theory,” including creationism, said Pickens, the powerful chair of the House Schools and Learning Council.

I think it’s time for everyone to pick up the phone and reach out to those lawmakers who represent you. Demand to know their stance on the issue of evolution. Then share with us what you find out. We may need to educate a few of these folks concerning basic science and biology.

But don’t forget that the main focus is on the state board of education right now. Those are the folks who will be deciding whether the new draft of the science standards will become official or not on Feb. 19. Check out our “Those not in favor of good science education, raise your hand” post for more information.

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