First public forum on standards tonight

The first public forum where folks can comment in person on the new draft state science standards is tonight in Leon County:

Public meeting on science standards
Residents will be allowed to provide input from 5:30 to 7 p.m. today at the RA Gray Building, S. 500 Bronough St.

Contact: (850) 245-6600.

I haven’t a clue where this sentence in the newspaper brief came from:

Another first is the possibility of evolution and creationism being an official part of those science standards.

That is a huge error in fact there. There is absolutely no possibility of creationism being an official part of the standards. There is a public tussle over the inclusion of evolution. But creationism is not an issue at all. The reporter who put together that piece needs to be scolded.

Shannon Lynch, assistant superintendent of curriculum instruction, said the standards will give teachers a chance teach science more in-depth instead of rushing through a check-off list of things that need to be taught by the end of the school year.She said the district is not tiptoeing in the potential debate that could trigger strong feelings on science verses religion.

“I think teachers are very, very careful to respect students’ belief,” Lynch said. “Things are handled on an indivudal basis.”

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  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    What a huge mistake,makes you wonder how many other facts
    the media get wrong or distort?I have written to the reporter and asked
    for a retraction

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