Your last chance to stop bill loved by creationists is now!

GovernorThis is it, ladies and gentlemen. You’ve been hearing about it from us for months now. The bill that would empower creationists, climate change deniers, anti-vaccine proponents, and other factual science education foes to challenge the textbooks and other instructional materials in school districts across the state is on the governor’s desk. This is your last chance to influence its fate. Contact Gov. Rick Scott and voice your opposition to HB 989 Instructional Materials now. Call (850) 717-9337. Use the email form. Don’t wait.

For all the gory details about this bill and our opposition, see our Instructional Materials bills ’17 blog category.

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  1. Jonathan Smith Says:

    Just made a call to the Gov Scotts office. They put me on hold for 20 mins but I hung in there and was able to speak with a representative. I really hope everyone who can will make a call or e-mail. Stand up for science guys.

  2. Chris Says:

    At some point there needs to be some realization accepted with the fact that after over 100 years of influence Darwin’s full theory is not considered plausible by more than half the US population. Evolution in one form or another is presented as fact in nearly every museum, state and federal park, television science programs, every public school, secular collages, many religious schools and even the pope has pushed some of the theory. You would think with all this publicity the percentage of acceptance would be closer to one hundred, but that’s not the results. The lack of belief in the theory is not from lack of understanding it, it’s from understanding it completely. Questioning the science of the theory doesn’t reveal new or solid facts but rather insults for answers. Being branded anti-science for using science to question a scientific theory is science. But this is not the case for evolution, because it goes beyond science. Evolution is now described by many as a secular religion with adherence to a faith not reality.

    Evolution’s proposed indoctrination plight is not just with the public school system. Now the internet has openly revealed the fallacies, frauds, and deceptions of the theory for everyone to see, along with other possibilities for origins. This new informational avenue alone stands capable of destroying the idea life evolved from non-life on earth.

    At some point I believe the faithful evolutionist will retreat to salvage the theory with a new reality that the earth was seeded by aliens. As stupid as it sounds this is a concept suggested by nearly every prominent evolutionist who has honestly considered the facts.

    With too many articles to list I’ll just say the Pope is satisfied with the alien idea. And he even suggests Christians trash their bibles along with Jesus and follow the wisdom of the aliens who have no inbreed contamination of sin, but are without sin and closer to God. The Vatican’s astronomer say’s we are not alone.

    All of this fits nicely within the prophetic scriptures and the satanic deception to come during the end times. We’ll see.

  3. Pierce R. Butler Says:

    Chris: … Darwin’s full theory is not considered plausible by more than half the US population.

    Some people need to realize that science does not proceed by holding popularity contests. Last I heard, people who think that have never accomplished anything scientifically (can you name any exceptions?).

    …insults for answers.

    Pls review your own postings on this site before trying such complaints.

    Evolution is now described by many …

    Hey, a tactic straight out of Trump’s Art of the Lie!

    Now the internet has openly revealed …

    … an open sewer of lies, bigotry, ignorance, superstition and exciting investment opportunities with Nigerian princes and Bill Gates! Do you really not have any criteria for evaluating truth and falsity beyond “it was on the internet!!1!”?

    Hey, why not pick a specific evolutionary scientific fact and show us all (on the internet!!) exactly where it’s wrong? (Don’t forget to check your example and data against the Index to Creationist Claims.)

    As stupid as it sounds this is a concept suggested by nearly every prominent evolutionist who has honestly considered the facts.

    Show us some particular examples. Note: we already know that Ben Stein’s “documentary” Expelled faked that story by pushing Dawkins on that idea – he never brought it up – and then spliced in his answer after a different question. So: find some ACTUAL examples.

    The Pope is not a scientist. I would note the current Pope, with his fixation on demons and exorcisms, seems even less scientific than anyone else holding his job for the last century or more.

    And have you ever looked up how many times the “End Times™” have been proclaimed and nothing happened but a bunch of fools getting embarrassed/scammed?

  4. Chris Says:

    I almost busted a gut on this one. We now have to leave the planet in search of aliens to prove evolution. It can’t be done here? Very funny.

    Pierce- Most of Talk Origins is a classical display of humanist ignorance. You could get far more accurate information from Nancy Poloxy before she knew it.

  5. Pierce R. Butler Says:

    Chris – Please consider (a) replying to points addressed to you, and (b) making sense.

  6. Jonathan Smith Says:


    Scientific evidence is evidence which serves to either support or COUNTER a scientific theory or hypothesis. Such evidence has to be empirical evidence and in accordance with the scientific method. Standards for scientific evidence can vary according to the field of inquiry, but the strength of scientific evidence is generally based on the results of statistical analysis and controlled testing. If there is valid scientific evidence to support an alternative theory to evolution would you explain that to us? Also could you show, as we have to in science, any evidence that counters this theory? Remember, there is no need to mention evolution when presenting your evidence. Looking forward to seeing your results

  7. Ivorygirl Says:

    Chris, If you answer, please don’t quote any more crap from W N D better know as Wing Nut Dummies. Others will take you less seriously if that’s even possible.

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