UF professor hits the road with Darwin

A University of Florida professor has been honored with the title “visiting scholar” and will be touring campuses giving lectures about Darwin. The talks will apparently be open to the public.

A University of Florida professor is preparing to become a “road warrior,” heading across the U.S. to preach the “gospel” of Charles Darwin.

Betty Smocovitis, a professor of zoology and history at UF, will visit eight universities next year to give lectures on Darwin, the renowned – and sometimes maligned – evolutionary biologist.

Smocovitis’ travels will coincide with the bicentennial of Darwin’s birthday and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking book, “On the Origin of the Species.”

Fully aware that Darwin is a controversial figure, particularly among Christian conservatives, Smocovitis admits to stirring things up a bit by titling her lecture “The Gospel of Darwin.” But Smocovitis says her own beliefs on the origins of life, and Darwin himself, have nothing to do with what she’ll talk about.

“I’m a historian,” she said. “I am not a theologian, not a biologist. I try not to get into my beliefs. That’s irrelevant.”

Also see the UF press release.

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