Dembski misses the point

Mr. Dembski over at his Uncommon Descent blog notices the Cheri Yecke controversy, but completely misses the point. In his post he blames Dr. Elsberry for stirring the pot. Ummmmm … what? Did he not read the actual article? It’s Yecke who “stirred the pot,” not Elsberry. Elsberry was responding to Yecke’s hiring ReputationDefender to go after him. Notice how Dembski chooses not to mention ReputationDefender, or any part of the article’s main thrust.

And then his merry band of commenters whine about reporters not understanding ID. This is a classic comment that definitely speaks for itself:

We all come diverse backgrounds and none of our thinking is tainted by currently practiced scientific thinking.

Hat tip to Red State Rabble

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  1. Skepted56 says:

    And none of their arguments are tainted by reality.

    There’s an ID’er on my college campus. He’s a professor in the marine science department. He wrote an essay on ID in our university newspaper that was full of logical holes so large you could drive a submarine through them.

    Keep up the good work FCS.

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