This & That 4/16/14

— There will be a free screening of the documentary The Revisionaries on Tuesday, April 29th, 6 p.m., at the Peace Education and Action Center at 525 Kumquat Ct. Sarasota, FL 34236. Sponsored by: Americans United for Separation of Church & State, The Peace Education & Action Center, ACLU, the Center for Religious Tolerance, and the Humanists of Sarasota Bay.

— The Tallahassee Democrat published an op-ed I submitted about science education in voucher-accepting private schools: Science has a spot in voucher debates. I especially like the political cartoon that ran with it.

— I have now confirmed that I will be on the Marc Bernier radio show (WNDB, Daytona Beach) on April 29 at 5 p.m. When the time comes, you can listen live online at the show’s website.

— Duval schools seek more science, math teachers: “A new program in which Duval Schools and the University of North Florida attract and train new science and math teachers has too few takers, so officials are extending its deadline.”

“We want to get math and science teachers that stay in the classroom and become highly effective and don’t leave after one or two years.”

Merritt Island students work with NASA mentors to build tiny satellite:

“It means so much, it’s going to be so amazing,” said Briana Luthman, 17, looking forward to seeing the satellite she helped design and build launch in the Mojave Desert. “I can’t wait.”

STEM Superheroes Kickstart Next Phase of Work:

DuPont says inspiration hit them like Shazam’s lightning bolt while they waited in line one day at Disney World.

“One of us said “superheroes” and I think both of us started staring at the sky, and we’re in line and it’s really hot out and we’re like, ‘Wow, that’s a really good idea,'” DuPont says.  “Because superheroes are pinnacles of the society, they’re good citizens, they’re always trying to do the right thing, they use science and math all the time because they’re either super-powered so there’s something scientifically strange about them or sometimes you have superheroes that are just really good with technology, like Batman.”

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  1. Pierce R. Butler says:

    Just in case any of y’all missed this in your Contemporary Literature class:

    Alan Moore, one of the most creative comic-book writers now producing, often spoofs commercial comics characters in his independent publications (see Tom Strong and Top Ten) – and always calls them science heroes.

    His stuff has lots of originality, but don’t try using it in Science classes…

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