“Your Inner Fish” Part 2

Part two of Neil Shubin’s three part series, Your Inner Fish,will air on Wednesday April 16th at 10:pm (EST) on your local Florida PBS station. This weeks program is titled “Your Inner Reptile” and traces back our human traits such as skin,hair and teeth which evolved from early reptiles. Shubin has a natural wit and talent,turning this series into both an epic saga and a modern-day detective story.

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10 Responses to “Your Inner Fish” Part 2

  1. Dan Cameron says:

    This link shows “Your Inner Fish” is not reality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8jdoObwHHk

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    Can you explain in scientific terms why “Your Inner Fish” is not reality?

  3. Chris says:


    Just for fun this might be a corresponding question for you.
    Suggesting the inner fish is more than a assumption can you show where strands human DNA have been used to produce fish, or where fish DNA has been used to produce humans?

  4. Jonathan Smith says:


    No I can’t

  5. Jonathan Smith says:


    You seem to enjoy satire so you should enjoy this?


  6. Ivorygirl says:


    It completely stuns me that you can be so ignorant and ask such asinine questions like the one to Dr Smith (I use his title as I know he has earned it). You will be asking him to provide evidence for a crocoduck next? The fact that you cannot comprehend a reasonable explanation for transitional forms, opting to rather become defensive, or simply trying to make the visible evidence disappear, displays your blatant ignorance of science. I’m sure that Dr Smith would consider it a waste of time and effort to talk to idiots like you. Facts and evidence mean nothing to you and your retarded cohorts unless it agrees with your absurd bible.

  7. Chris says:


    I always enjoy your babble. Your ability to assemble so many false narratives in such a small space is amazing. But then again, it appears thats all you have.

    I think Dr Smith’s answer to my ridiculous question was accurate, honest and to the point. Thank You.

    You don’t appear to have much knowledge of your own belief system. The crocoduck was the type of creature Darwin expected to find. Fabricating bogus transitions like Piltdown has kept the faith alive for years. With fakes getting a little more difficult to sell to the public than in times past folks like yourself with nothing to offer must now resort to insults.

    You’re mistaken, myself along with millions of others do comprehend the change over time evolution is said achieve. The problem is you’ve provided no convincing evidence to support the belief. Drawings, charts, possibilities, unsupported claims and goat herder comments are not evidence.

  8. cope says:

    I just watched it this morning. I really love the book but the show is even better. I am really impressed how Shubin ties the evidence together…fossil and genetic. For instance, the fact that we carry now-useless genes for such processes as producing a yolk is fascinating to me. The DVD set will be at the top of the list I give our media center specialist for purchase for next year (along with Cosmos). I’m just disappointed that there is only one more episode of “Your Inner Fish”‘

  9. Ivorygirl says:

    Chris spewed,

    “You don’t appear to have much knowledge of your own belief system” really, want to compare academic credentials in science? “The crocoduck was the type of creature Darwin expected to find.” You have displayed in this one sentence the level of intellectual rigor in your thinking – if what you post here can be called thinking at all?

    Why don’t you and your millions of others, link to any books by those criticizing evolutionary theory that are not based on religious beliefs. And ID does not count. They threw that cloak of lies away some time ago.
    Other than that – your willful ignorance, your opinions based on nothing but misunderstood, half digested information and untruth soaked up with the willingness of one who is too lazy to read and understand the literature that provides simply overwhelming evidence for the process of evolution gets really tiresome. You are nothing but the specter of denial…in the face of over one-hundred fifty years of still accumulating evidence from paleontology, genetics, comparative anatomy, physiology etc.

  10. Chris says:

    Ivory girl,

    You’re just regurgitating the same old crap. Show us where molecule to man evolution or any major transitional step has been tested and observed beyond a reasonable doubt, if it’s scientific. No drawings, no suppositions, no possibilities, no charts, no appointed transitional creatures, no simple variation, no stack of faithful believers, just show us the transmuting scientific process used and the before and after results.

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