The Revisionaries on PBS

A shortened version of the movie The Revisionaries will be shown on PBS tonight Monday 28th January at 10pm Eastern Time. This movis is a ‘must see’ documentary about the attempts of the Texas Board of Education to inject Creationism into the schools science standards. This could happen in our state, that’s why it’s so very important that we at FCS remain ever vigilant.

[edit by Brandon: just wanted to add a quick link to the PBS site on the movie.]

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4 Responses to The Revisionaries on PBS

  1. Ivorygirl says:

    Watch the movie last night with my mouth open in disbelief. What a blatant attempt to force religious ideologies on to school students. I almost choke on my coffee when Don Mcleroy said “Someone has to stand up to these experts.”

  2. Chris says:

    Very funny.

  3. Debra Walker says:

    I listened to it live on the web when it was happening. Riveting.

    Ron Wetherington taught my graduate course in Biological Anthropology at SMU and I was a TA for his undergraduate class for a couple years. He did a great job in the video. I also enjoyed seeing him at the vineyard he owns as a sideline, for fun!

    My favorite quote was his decribing a volatile and dangerous combination of “arrogance and ignorance”.

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