Biology End of Course exam results

Well, I’m not sure what to make of the Biology End of Course Exam results that were released this week. There is hardly any news on the results. The Palm Beach Post is really the only news outlet that I could find so far that paid any attention.

Students taking the biology EOC got about half the questions correct. Out of 56 questions, an average of 27.98 were answered correctly on each test, spokeswoman Cheryl Etters said.

You can sort through the results by district and by school here. Since this is the first official year for this test, the scores were merely broken down into thirds. A student either scored in the top third, middle third, or bottom third. That’s all we know at this point. Here’s a full story at the Post, too.

In theory, these tests count for 30 percent of ninth-graders grades in their geometry and biology classes this year. However, Marc Baron, the district’s chief of performance accountability, said scores will not affect students’ semester grades or GPAs.

Beginning next year, ninth-graders must earn a passing score on the end-of-course tests in geometry and biology to graduate.

And let’s not forget that scores will also be applied to teachers’ performance ratings annually.

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3 Responses to Biology End of Course exam results

  1. Isabel says:

    There were 65 questions on the EOC exam…. Your sources are faulty.

  2. Donna says:

    There were 65 questions but they said that some were “test” questions and wouldn’t count for or against.

  3. Kikkerland says:

    Simply citing the op’s blog numerous will accept this as it’s real so it’s nifty spotting a man that is stating it on the net to consider.

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