School Board candidate: evolution is “junk science”

The St. Petersburg Times education blog The Gradebook has a post up about a candidate for the Pinellas County school board. Judith Bruinius believes that schools are falling apart due to “”rampant immorality among the teachers and the students.” Her solutions are to post the Ten Commandments in classrooms and eliminate the teaching of evolution.

“We’ve got children raping other children. We’ve got children killing other children,” she said. “To me, the whole system has lost its moral compass and this is why we’re having this much trouble.”

She said she is a creationist and objects to the teaching of evolution as more than a theory. “This is a way of indoctrinating our children into really a humanistic religion,” she said.

She was apparently recruited by her local Tea Party to run. Are there any of you folks out there in Pinellas who can give us insight into what her chances are?

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7 Responses to School Board candidate: evolution is “junk science”

  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    “She is retired after 15 years as a dental hygienist and five years as a dental hygiene instructor at St. Petersburg College.”
    What is the problem with these delusional dentists and threir opposition to evolution. You would think looking at our overcrowded with (wisdom) teeth mouths they would have a better understanding of TOE.

  2. IVORYGIRL says:

    I teach and live in Pinellas County and this lady does not stand a chance, thank goodness!!!!

  3. Stacy says:

    I hope you’re right Ivorygirl!!

  4. Gorilla Gram says:

    It’s good that she “came out” to show her true colors. Many of these creationists run for school boards under the radar and THEN express their opinions after elected. I believe she dosen’t have a chance in Pinellas County.

    She should move to a Bible thumping district – folks would love her.

    Check-out her web site – she didn’t learn much while receiving all those online degrees – she writes like a sixth grader!!!

  5. Chris says:

    It is a bit discouraging to know that we’re going to have to continue fighting this same battle over and over and over again. Can’t we get to the point where society recognizes that creationism doesn’t belong in schools, especially not in the science classroom? I know this blog pertains to FL but this is a huge problem in the entire country. They laugh at us in Europe for being such a religious nation.

  6. Another Chris says:

    Chris, this is not a problem that will go away. And it’s not a problem with religion and science. It’s a problem with two competing religions. The belief in creationism and evolution both require a measure of faith. Creationist have creation, evolutionist have theories. No one is making monkeys and ducks online at General Motors, until something like this happens evolutionary doctrine will be as religious as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

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