Survey: Is science and math education important?

Is science and math education important? Let’s ask the American public: “Are We Beginning To See The Light?” survey by Public Agenda.

While parents and the public understand the value of STEM skills, there’s still a gap between the way the leaders and public see the problem. Few Americans think it is absolutely essential for students to understand advanced sciences like physics (28%) and advanced math like calculus (26%). When it comes to their own child, few parents want more emphasis on advanced math and science like physics  (42%) and calculus (42%). Additionally, nearly 7 in 10 Americans say science can wait until middle and high school.

Nooooooo! Middle and high school are way too late. Science needs to begin as soon as kids enter the school system and even before. See here. And here. And here.

About Brandon Haught

Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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