William Dembski shows the depth of research at Discovery Institute

One of the major criticisms leveled on the Intelligent Design movement is their lack of scientific research.  One wonders about how much time the fellows at the Discovery Institute spend conducting research.  I was surprised (well, not really) to find out that William Dembski (senior fellow at DISCO) is spending most of his time blogging and making cartoons.  Here’s his latest slam on Judge Jones (Dover judge):


Dembski admitted that this is his voice and, in fact, the site is Dembski’s site.  I’m sure that this is sure to be played in any future court cases and illustrates the vacuous and sophomoric nature of the current intelligent design movement.  This video should be viewed as an embarrassment to the Discovery Institute and Dembski should be viewed as a liability to the ID movement.


Joe Meert

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