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Keep an eye on Broward County

Hemant Mehta posted at his Friendly Atheist blog something that sure is making me raise my eyebrows. The chair of the Broward County School Board, Dr. Rosalind Osgood, said this during a worship service at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale: God has … Continue reading

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Darn, how did I miss this?

Baptist College of Florida had a Creation Conference: On April 26-27, The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville hosted the first on-campus Creation Conference in the R.G. Lee Chapel led by world-renowned Creation Scientist Jonathan Sarfati of Creation Ministries International. … Continue reading

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A calm response to an anti-evolution rant

Back on April 25 I posted about a guest columnist in the Gainesville Sun railing against evolution, He’s itching for a fight. The writer’s main point was that past debates at the University of Florida between creationists and scientists over evolution … Continue reading

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It’s truly an honor!

I’m very honored and excited to be selected as one of two teacher scholarship winners, receiving an all-expenses-paid eight-day raft trip through the Grand Canyon, hosted by the National Center for Science Education this summer! Is that just pure awesome … Continue reading

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We lost a friend

There is some very sad news from over the weekend. Sir Harry Kroto, Nobel Prize winning chemist teaching at Florida State University, passed away Saturday. He was a great friend to us here at Florida Citizens for Science. During the … Continue reading

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