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O Science, O Science! Wherefore art thou science?

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Florida Citizens for Science vice president Jonathan Smith has a letter to the editor in the Lakeland Ledger.

The statewide meetings on Common Core Standards that Gov. Rick Scott attended recently has proven to be the fancy icing on the rotten cake that has become the Florida state education system. […] Math and English are at the forefront of this debate, yet science education has once again been swept under the carpet as a secondary subject.

Meanwhile, Paul Cottle says in his letter to the editor in the Tampa Bay Times (and also at his Bridge to Tomorrow blog) that we should strive for higher goals in science education here in Florida. His letter is in response to an editorial in that paper entitle Florida’s scores: not bad.

I would like to challenge your assertion that a little above average in math and science is good enough for Florida’s students. […] In math and science, Florida must aim for the level that Massachusetts presently occupies if it is to have a healthy middle class in the future. Anything less will represent economic surrender and a bleak future for the state’s children.

Homeschooling and A Beka

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Homeschooling. I don’t have a big heartache with it. There are plenty of reasons why parents may want to give their children a different educational experience than what can be found in the public schools. But when I see this (Bradenton Herald article: Home-schooled option gains favor in Florida), I just bang my head against the wall:

“She attends a home-school facility that teaches the A Beka Academy curriculum, where she takes required classes (English, math, science) three days a week.”

A Beka? No. Just no. If you don’t know why I’m discouraged, search their website for biology texts.

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