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It’s Getting “Mucky in Kentucky”

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Kentucky, one of the 26 lead state partners in the development of the NGSS is already facing strong opposition to their considered adoption of the new, National Science Standards. Opponents to the NGSS, ridiculed the new standards as “fascist and atheistic and said they promoted thinking that leads to genocide and murder”  Genocide and murder,how on earth do people rationalize such comments?  Supporters said, “the education changes are vital if Kentucky is to keep pace with other states and allow students to prepare for college and STEM careers.

Wheather the Florida Board of Education propose the adoption of the NGSS, or replaces the current standards with those from another state, I’m certain they will receive the same type of opposition. I hope all of us have our logic and answers at the ready, we going to need them.

Evolution,Climate-Change makes the grade.

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

A recent issue of Science Magazine, highlights the National Science Standards (NGSS). It opens.   Five US states have adopted science education standards that recommend introducing two highly charged topics — climate-change science and evolution — into classrooms well before high school.  It also mentions this.”In the past two months, education officials in Rhode Island, Kentucky, Kansas, Maryland and Vermont have all approved the standards by overwhelming margins. At least five more states — California, FLORIDA, Maine, Michigan and Washington — may take up the standards in the next few months.

Well with regards to Florida,this is either a miss print,speculative reporting,or they know some thing we don’t.