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Astrobiology The Search for Extraterrestrial Life

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

For those of you that are in the Lakeland area and have a free couple of hours to spare,I will be speaking at the  Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Lakeland, 3140 Troy Ave Lakeland Fl, on Sunday the 21st of April 1.30 pm.  The talk ” The Search for Extraterrestrial Life” will cover quite a few topics including, what life as we know it is, how to look for life in our own solar system and how we search for life in other areas of the Universe. I have just finished a 15 week course from the University of Edinburgh and found the topic fascinating,I hope those who attend will feel the same.



03.12.13 This & That

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Here’s an information dump of interesting tidbits that have popped up recently …

— Station WLRN out of Miami doesn’t seem too sure that Florida is on board with the national Next Generation Science Standards, especially as they apply to the teaching of climate change. Florida Not Among States Expected To Teach Students About Climate Change:

More than two dozen states are expected to adopt new national science education standards that include teaching children as young as elementary school about the effects of climate change. Florida was not among the 26 states that helped to “provide leadership” during the development stage of the Next Generation Science Standards, and it is unclear if it is among the roughly 15 states “that have indicated they may accept them,” according to Inside Climate News.

— The Liberty Council has had their fingers in past evolution/creationism conflicts, and now their influence is possibly growing with a new merger. Liberty Council merges with Florida Faith & Works registry:

Maitland-based Liberty Counsel, best known for it law suits to protect religion in the public schools and opposition to gay rights, is merging with the Florida Faith & Works Coalition, a 600-member registry of pastors and volunteers committed to keeping America a Christian nation.

The merger gives Liberty Council a database network of “Christian Bible Believing Pastors” throughout Florida.

Link to Liberty Councel and link to Florida Faith & Works.

Hidden Ark: 500-Foot Noah’s Ark Replica Zoo Being Built Near Miami:

Noah’s Ark — without all the flood and calamity — is coming to Miami.

A group of four friends behind an unusual Biblical-themed zoo under construction in Hialeah hope to raise environmental awareness by building it almost to the exact specifications of its Old Testament inspiration: 500 feet long, shaped like a boat, and made out of wood.

— Here’s an article about Liberty University growing online (including Florida students). Virginia’s Liberty emerging as evangelical giant:

The small Baptist college that television preacher Jerry Falwell founded here in 1971 has capitalized on the online education boom to become an evangelical mega-university with global reach.

In the almost six years since Falwell’s death, Liberty University has doubled its student head count — twice.

“We want to relate all of our subjects back to Scripture, theology and a biblical worldview,” he said. But Tinsley said students use textbooks that would be found in secular universities. In certain situations in an Earth science course, for example, a student would learn the case for biblical creation alongside the science of evolution.

“We try to present full arguments on both sides and then allow the student to make a decision,” Tinsley said. He added, “I’ve had many students over the years who have held to an evolutionary standpoint and gotten A’s.”

It’s really happening!

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

It’s official! I got a contract from my publisher. My book about the history of the evolution vs. creationism conflict in Florida is going to be published!