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Is Online-U the way to go for science?

I love that Paul Cottle is making friends in some great places, including the media. See Online-U doesn’t fit with state’s math, science goal, Paul Cottle’s physics classes at Florida State University include just the type of student the state … Continue reading

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Florida, we have a problem

I can’t afford to be a teacher. Not now and most likely not anytime soon. I have my college degree in biology education. I have my teacher certification in biology and middle school math, too. All I need to do … Continue reading

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Olympic Games Ceremony

As a native of Great Britain (English actually) I am always proud when my country of birth show cases their abilities to organize an event. We are never too politically correct in showing our contributions to society through out the … Continue reading

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Campaign websites

Terry Kemple, a current candidate running for a seat on the Hillsborough County School Board, was a very vocal antievolution advocate during the 2008 Florida science standards fight and subsequent “academic freedom” bills fight in the state legislature. He then … Continue reading

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Second out of the gate: Alachua County

First there was Pinellas County. And then there was Alachua County. Seriously. I can’t make this stuff up. Truck driver Jodi Wood is running for the second time after a campaign in 2010 to get elected to the School Board. … Continue reading

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Science education not a priority in Florida?

Apparently, Florida’s education commissioner decided that Florida’s C rated science standards, with some tweaks, are just find and dandy. He thinks there is no need to adopt the national science standards like Florida did in other subjects. Bridge to Tomorrow … Continue reading

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Florida’s science standards: I’m confused

Back in May, the State Board of Education talked for a few minutes about the state’s science standards woes. The science standards developed and approved in 2008 simply aren’t the best. I provided a lengthy summary of what the Board … Continue reading

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Couple of interesting articles

First up is an article in the Orlando Sentinel about the implementation of new teacher evaluations, Teachers: New evaluation system ‘artificial,’ ‘frustrating,’ ‘humiliating’. High-school chemistry teacher Steve Fannin was honored recently in Washington, D.C., as one of the nation’s best … Continue reading

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