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Dinosaur Adventure Land on the auction block

PZ mentioned that Kent Hovind’s Pensacola-based Dinosaur Adventure Land is up for auction. Where will people learn about “science and spiritual lessons” now? Here’s an explanation from back in March about what is going on from the Creation Science Evangelism … Continue reading

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Education Commissioner

It looks like Gerard Robinson is Florida’s new education commissioner. It happened mighty quick and thus raises some questions about whether anything improper was going on behind the scenes. And where does science education fit into all of this? Nowhere, … Continue reading

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Evolution in Miss USA contest

Contestants in the current Miss USA contest were asked a few questions during pre-recorded interviews, including “Should evolution be taught in schools?” A Christian Post article provides examples of some answers: Despite concerns of compromising beliefs for the sake of … Continue reading

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Science FCAT 2011

Results for Florida’s annual science exams taken by 3rd, 8th, and 11th graders were released today. The good news? Scores overall improved since last year. The bad news? The rise in scores is small, and 50 percent of our state’s … Continue reading

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Paul Cottle wrote on his blog about an ABC news report focused on a push to reduce dissections in schools, replacing them with virtual dissections. There is a Florida connection here. A company is working hard to get its particular … Continue reading

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