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Creationism pages to be trashed, but they’ve been around!

The Orlando Sentinel’s education blog reports that the blatantly unscientific and pro-creationism garbage found on two pages of the marine science textbook Life on an Ocean Planet (see my previous post) will be removed. The reporter obtained an e-mail sent to … Continue reading

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Newspaper reports on creationism in textbook

The Orlando Sentinel has a short story about the creationist material found in a marine science textbook going through the instructional materials approval/adoption process. Nothing new here. We still want to make sure everyone follows through as they say they … Continue reading

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Creationism pops up in textbook adoption process

Creationism has become a possible minor issue here in Florida recently as instructional materials committees conduct a scheduled review of materials and recommend new textbooks for the state’s classrooms. A book meant for marine science classes contained some unusual language … Continue reading

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Stick Science Winners!

It is my pleasure to announce the winners of the 2nd Annual Florida Citizens for Science Stick Science Cartoon Contest. First, I would like to thank our four judges for taking the time to carefully consider and rate each of … Continue reading

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A fusion of creation science and hip hop

You know it was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time. Bad science meets bad music. I give you Destiny Lab: “Our music is a fusion of creation science and hip hop.” Here’s a lyrics sample from … Continue reading

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What would you do?

What do you do when your child comes home and tells you that a science teacher is possibly using creationist talking points in the classroom? Follow along as Dale McGowan handles exactly that situation. Keep an eye on his blog … Continue reading

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Stick Science Top 10

The second annual Stick Science Cartoon Contest is now down to its Top 10! Congratulations to all of our entrants who made it this far. Next, our celebrity judges will be picking their favorites and crowning the winners. We are … Continue reading

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