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Florida isn’t alone in science testing woes

Here is an interesting article about Massachusetts high school students failing required science exams needed for graduation. If I’m reading the story and associated graphic correctly, more students failed science than either math or English, resulting in no diploma. I … Continue reading

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Age of earth debate

I can’t find the original article online at the Lakeland Ledger site, but there was a letter to the editor recently disputing the age of the earth and advocating a young earth: here. Today, two responses trash him. Good stuff: … Continue reading

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Another dentist blows off evolution

Here’s a story about an evolution denier in the St. Petersburg Times. Just gotta love some of his quotes: “Their absolute complexity, the order, the regularity, the predictability, the symmetry, the beauty — an explosion, such as in the big … Continue reading

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Science and Skepticism

Florida Citizens for Science friend and supporter Dr Eugenie Scott has a very informative 56 mins video worth watching.  Entitled Science and Septicism, it deals with the nature of science and explains why we should always remain skeptical and open minded about any … Continue reading

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My philosophy, and plunging into the deep end

My apologies for the dearth of updates here on the blog. I’ve been quite busy in my job and my college work. For those who don’t know, I’m studying to become a high school biology teacher while also working full … Continue reading

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