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TX: All together now

Texas scientists are standing in unison against antiscientific nonsense! Scientists from major Texas universities are joining to oppose efforts to bring supernatural and religious teaching into public school science courses. They say any attempts to teach students “weaknesses” in evolution … Continue reading

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What was in that evolution lesson?

The Tampa Tribune, specifically Hernando Today, has a story out this morning about an evolution lesson that had apparently gone awry. The story is a bit confusing, though. The problem didn’t actually involve evolution, but rather some mentions of religion. … Continue reading

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Arizona Science Teachers “Zoned In” on Evolution

It was my privilege to be a guest speaker last Friday, 28Th September, at the Arizona Science Teacher Association, annual conference in Mesa Arizona. The theme of my talk was “Why students consider a fundamental theory of science to be … Continue reading

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“… the book doesn’t only promote stupidity, it demands it.”

That’s from a thorough dismantling of the creationist/anti-evolution book Explore Evolution. The book has been mentioned here at FCS before, and has been dissected elswhere for good measure. The main thing to take away from all of this is that … Continue reading

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Science FCAT “Lessons Learned”

The Department of Education announced today that they released a publication entitled “FCAT Science Lessons Learned: 2003–2006 Data Analyses and Instructional Implications” (pdf is here). This document was created by a Task Force that analyzed the data supplied by science … Continue reading

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Rover, tunnel, gross, astronomy, canopy

==> I’m amazed that the Mars rovers are still poking and prodding the red planet. They’ve been there since 2004 and Opportunity just got new marching orders to check out a huge crater seven miles from its current location. Opportunity … Continue reading

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One More Homeschooled Kid Lost To Science.

I have to admit to being some what saddened after reading a letter published in the Lakeland Ledger newspaper today. The letter was written by a “homeschooled” fourteen year old girl named Kelly Freed and it was in response to … Continue reading

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NYT reporter’s answers

I had mentioned in an earlier post that New York Times reporter Amy Harmon would be answering readers’ questions concerning her work writing stories about science. The questions and her answers are well worth the time to check out. Some … Continue reading

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