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Science on the national political stage

Just some brief notes about science in the presidential campaign here. Barack Obama responded to 14 science-related questions posed by ScienceDebate 2008. Question 4 is about science education. Here is his response: 4. Education.  A comparison of 15-year-olds in 30 … Continue reading

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We did it!!

Attention Florida science nuts: We did it! Back on August 7, Florida Citizens for Science (FCS) launched a fundraising campaign focused on helping science education here in the Sunshine State. We worked through the DonorsChoose website where teachers propose classroom … Continue reading

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Response to that Apple guy

Sorry, I have been real busy lately and so haven’t had much chance for posting here. While I’m getting things back to normal, here’s a response from Chad Miller to the horrible little anti-evolution opinion piece I mentioned a little … Continue reading

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FCS in the New York Times

Florida Citizens for Science board member David Campbell has been working with New York Times reporter Amy Harmon on a story of hers for quite some time now. Finally, the fruit of the labor is out there for all to … Continue reading

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Science Fever

Anyone in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties want to help kids catch the science fever? Here’s your chance: I LOVE Science (Increasing Local Opportunities for Volunteers Enthusiastic about Science) is looking for volunteers interested in leading monthly, one hour hands-on … Continue reading

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Silly season in Brevard

Florida Today makes some recommendations for the Brevard County School Board. The four other candidates for the seat [District 4] — Richard Contreras, Karen Henderson, Dean Paterakis and Tom Wuchte — also want to boost education in Brevard, but lack … Continue reading

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Mr. Apple, go back to school

I’m neck deep in college work this week. I’m dealing with molar volume of an ideal gas right now, but will quickly move on to oxidation and reduction. Surprisingly, this stuff hasn’t been too hard. (I might not be saying … Continue reading

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How did your lawmakers rate?

The Christian Coalition of Florida issued a legislative scorecard listing all of the bills from this past session the group deemed important enough to support or oppose. The group then listed all the members of the Senate and House and … Continue reading

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