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Canine Tooth Strength Provides Clues To Early Human Ancestors

The researchers at  Johns Hopkins School of Medicine reported on an initial examination of the function of the shape of canine teeth in primates.This is the first published comparative analysis of canine strength for primates.”Understanding more about the function of canine … Continue reading

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Worm, astronaut, meteoroid, creationism

==> If you have the cash, you can have a bone-feeding worm named after you. This story is about raising money for scientific research by allowing folks to pay to have new species named after them. At Scripps, before an … Continue reading

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Jindal Signs Louisiana Anti-Evolution Bill

Jindal ignored those calling for a veto and this week signed the law that will allow Louisiana local school boards to approve supplemental materials for public school science classes as they discuss evolution. Similar bills were prepared for the last … Continue reading

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The Early Bird

This looks interesting: The Early Bird Project. Some University of Florida folks are partners in an effort to map the evolutionary relationships of birds. No, not just a few birds. A bunch of them. For more than five years, the … Continue reading

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Darwinmania, chocolate, extreme, sponge, lightning, martins

==> Darwinmania is almost here! Perhaps most importantly, the “Origin” changed our view of ourselves. It made us as much a part of nature as hummingbirds and bumblebees (or humble-bees, as Darwin called them); we, too, acquired a family tree … Continue reading

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Another fossil find

Another fossil find by scientists doing that science thing … you know, being in the field, digging up old stuff, analyzing it in depth. While an earlier discovery found a slightly older animal that was more fish than tetrapod, Ventastega … Continue reading

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Callaway leaves Board of Education

There are few other subjects that I know of that can rocket a state board of education (or local school board) member into the headlines like evolution. Such was the case with Donna Callaway. I’m not sure if she was … Continue reading

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A Good Week for Science

A third of a loaf is better than nothing. That’s the feeling among the U.S. research community after the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly yesterday to boost the current budgets of four key science agencies by $337 million.  Arden Bement, director … Continue reading

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