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Camp, Phoenix, bikini, and squid.

==> UCF is offering week-long science summer camps, which sound very cool. But the camps have filled up mighty fast; there are hardly any left. Youths will learn what causes the feeling of weightlessness during long drops on roller coasters … Continue reading

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Clogged, itchy, cold, slugs, and lab

==> Someone must have left the seat up. The International Space Station occupants are in trouble now. Their toilet isn’t working! Feel free to leave the obligatory potty jokes in the comments … you know you want to. ==> It … Continue reading

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Florida Citizens for Science has been nominated a couple of categories for Florida Netroots Awards. When voting, you are required to make some selections in certain categories or else your ballot won’t be accepted. Do me a favor: If you … Continue reading

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And you thought we had it bad

It’s been a long, drawn-out fight here in Florida to get a good set of science standards written and adopted, and then to quickly switch over to fighting nefarious anti-science bills in the Florida legislature. As exhausting as that was, … Continue reading

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Article on that Niceville thing

I posted before about an event in Niceville about intelligent design, Expelled, and evolution. I’m a bit late, but here is the local paper’s writeup of the event. Sounds like a lot of wacky mumbo-jumbo to me. NICEVILLE — Not … Continue reading

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Paging Rep. Hays …

A certain Florida Representative liked to claim over and over again this past legislative session that there are no transitional fossils. Of course, I think Rep. Hays has a cartoon version of evolution in his head, but regardless, here’s the … Continue reading

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New NCSE video

The National Center for Science Education has a new video out. From the press release: Evolution’s opponents have taken another round of losses recently, with the failures of the creationist propaganda movie Expelled, a creationist bid to grant science education … Continue reading

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Washington Post editorial

The Washington Post has a good editorial lambasting the deceptively-named “academic freedom” legislation infection spreading across the country. Florida gets the spotlight. Lucky us. What’s insidious about these measures is that at first blush they appear so harmless. Isn’t everyone … Continue reading

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