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Do state science standards matter?

With the fight over including evolution in the state science standards here in Florida now over the hump, we now need to ask ourselves: what did we win? As several news articles have pointed out, in many school districts across … Continue reading

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I’m sooooo tired of the word theory

I’ve been sitting here for a while now trying to sort out how I feel about this story in the Ocala Star-Banner. I’m fine with the sentiments of the quoted science teachers, but I have this nagging heartburn over how … Continue reading

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Still here

I just wanted to write a quick post saying I’m still around. Florida Citizens for Science activities swamped me the past month or so, taking away from other work, family and college responsibilities. So, I am now taking a short … Continue reading

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How do we calm the fears?

As we continue to defend science here in Florida and across the country, it’s important to keep in mind what, exactly, we are up against. These folks are not anti-science just because they kinda don’t like science or find it … Continue reading

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Florida won!

Florida won! Science education won! Teachers, students, Florida’s future economy, etc. all won! No, it wasn’t a clean victory, but it was a victory nonetheless. On a vote of 4 to 3 the new state science standards passed, with modifications. … Continue reading

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callaway–this is not religion. standards stifle freedom. martinez–earth revolves around sun. do we question that? things are getting hairy. martinez is getting beat up. martinez says evolution is fact. martinez gets loud applause and fair tells everyone to quiet down. … Continue reading

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raulerson is focused on cell theory vs evolution in the standards. science slams doors shut then someone prys them open. will only support insertion of theory. callaway–looking at both theory and academic freedom. shannahan–academic freedom is ALREADY in the standards. … Continue reading

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academic frfeedom

callaway is in cahoots with all the speakers who advocated academic freedom. desai–biotech future. well educated stdents. high skilled high paying jobs. these standards are good. I support them. talking about academic freedom! shannahan–benefit children. compete! I taught science and … Continue reading

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