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Yet another editorial in favor of evolution

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

The St. Petersburg Times uses the Dover, Pa. intelligent design trial as a springboard to scolding the Pinellas County school board in an editorial.

As the judge found, “every scientific association that has spoken on the matter” has rejected the challenge to evolution mounted by proponents of intelligent design. Darwin’s theory of natural selection has withstood the test of time because scientific testing has repeatedly affirmed its validity. Any science curriculum that doesn’t fully explore it, or puts it on a par with other claims of life’s origins, would be seriously flawed.

Pinellas School Board members and the state education commissioner might reflect on the judge’s comprehensive review and conclusions before they speak again about an accepted scientific theory they apparently know little about.

Those very last few words are the most important: “they apparently know little about.” Let the experts do their jobs, school board!

Polk County cries uncle

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Sometimes public school education decision makers are foolish enough to express their ignorance of what makes sound science. But an unrelenting pounding by pro-science groups and individuals can turn the tide.  It can be a rude awakening for these folks, but if a little bit of ribbing, unapologetic educating about what science is and isn’t, and no-holds-barred ridiculing gets the job done, who are we to complain?

Apparently, Polk County school board members who originally had no problem stating their opinion on matters of what they think is science, and religion’s role in science have decided to abandon ship. The Tampa Tribune credits the Flying Spaghetti Monster, outspoken scientists and concerned citizens who all flooded the school board with correspondence on the subject. And it doesn’t hurt to mention that Polk County wants to attract the science and technology industries to set up shop in their county to help the economy. It’s kinda hard to do so when you don’t want to teach your kids science. Dr. Wesley Elsberry, who is originally from Polk County, agrees.

Even though it looks like the school board decided it would be wise to get out of the business of promoting intelligent design, not all have abandoned creationist’s Trojan horse completely … or their belief that maybe religion should mix with science.

The pro-intelligent design board members say they now recognize that the new standards are a state issue and there’s nothing they can do about them, even if they’d like to.

Lofton, a former geometry teacher with a master’s degree in mathematics and one of the pro-intelligent design board members, said she has no interest in engaging with the Pastafarians or anyone else seeking to discredit intelligent design.

She describes herself as secure in her beliefs. “I’m a Christian. I personally believe that the Bible is inerrant truth and the word of God.”

That’s one hot spot down for now. It’s worth keeping an eye on Polk County, though, because you never know what people will do when backed into a corner. 

But the more important fight is on the state level. Let’s not forget that!