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Texas science standards hearing

Here is a live, first person account of Texas science standards hearings going on today. I’m not sure, but I believe more updates will be posted today. Actually, here is another one that looks like it’s a bit more current.

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Relatives down under

The kangaroo genome has now been mapped, and it looks like humans and kangaroos have a lot in common. Scientists said they had for the first time mapped the genetic code of the Australian marsupials and found much of it … Continue reading

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Texas scientists strike back

A recent survey takes the pulse of the Texas higher education folks to see where evolution stands. The TFN Education Fund’s press release summarizes five key findings from the survey: “1. Texas scientists (97.7 percent) overwhelmingly reject ‘intelligent design’ as … Continue reading

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More mess in Texas

Florida Citizens for Science board member Kathy Savage granted me permission to post the text of a recent e-mail as a “guest post.” Here it is: When you get a chance go and read [Texas Education Agency] the 27 pages … Continue reading

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