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Tampa folks: FCS on TV

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Everyone in the Tampa area is encouraged at check out Florida Citizens for Science president Joe Wolf on a show called Flashpoint on the local ABC affiliate. Joe wasn’t sure when his particular episode will run, but the website says the show airs on Sundays at 11 a.m. The show is already taped, so Joe provided the following highlights of what happened:


I was interviewed by ABC last night along with Terry Kemple, president of the Tampa Bay Christian public policy group Community Issues Council. Kemple and I sat side by side along with the host behind a low table.  It was not a debate but rather a discussion.  Kemple spouted the same old stuff but with a couple of interesting twists.  When asked for problems with evolution he mentioned no intermediate fossils.  So I mentioned Tiktaalik.  However, he would not give up.

He was asked if he believed that those who accept evolution could also believe in God.  He said he did not know personally, but those who know more about theology than he does say no. The moderator tried to get the “just a theory” thing going, but it fell flat. He tried to pin Kemple down but in general was unsuccessful.  The stock phrases kept rolling out.  He really avoided responsibility. Every time he was boxed in he just passed the buck to someone of higher authority that was not present (a theologian or scientist).

The one new thing for me anyway was his attack on the National Academy of Sciences.  He said they were a bunch of bureaucrats that persisted in supporting evolution because they collect a lot of money to study it. According to him the National Academy makes most of its money from evolution. Can you guess his documentation?  Ben Stein. (See Expelled Exposed.)

He also used Stein’s movie as proof that scientists are not turning against evolution because they are afraid.

After the interview was over, the host suggested that it would be good to get some scientists into a similar discussion.  Kemple said he could do that. When the host asked for a local scientist, Kemple backed off.  He obviously feels he can bring in a big scientific name from Discovery Institute.


It looks like that once the show airs it will be posted on the station’s website. So even those of us not in Tampa will be able to check it out later. I have no doubt you did fine, Joe.