How Do They Know That?

When scientific statements are made a common response is “How do they know that,how can they say that for certain”? For the most part this statement is not a honest inquiry,but is posed as a objection.

Skewed Science offers a look at how peoples attitude towards science can and is, warped by bias thinking and ideologies.This video raises many excellent points in its short 10 minutes.

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6 Responses to How Do They Know That?

  1. Brandon Haught says:

    That was a great video. But, unfortunately, the folks who most need to see and absorb it are the ones who will refuse to give up 10 minutes of their time and objectively think about what is being presented.

  2. Marcus L. Trawick says:

    It’s probably true that those who most need to watch this video wouldn’t take that time to do so. The best thing about this video is what it does for those of us who support the teaching of science.

    Often times, when put on the spot, I don’t readily come up with many of the important points that I am reminded of in this video.
    Also, watching this video gives one the invigorating joy of knowing you’re right.

  3. Ivory girl says:

    Marcus, I could’nt agree with you more.Thanks Jonathan,this was a great video and I am planning to use it in my next class.

  4. grafixer says:

    Wonderful presentation. This would be a wonderful tool for Science classes nationwide. Should be shown on the first day of class – and perhaps a few more times throughout the year as a reminder of how scientific theories are different from “beliefs”.

  5. PatrickHenry says:

    I agree that this is a fine thing to show to students at the start of a science class. It would certainly stimulate a lively discussion. But it’s inconceivable that someone like Ronda Storms could get anything out of it.

  6. MaryB says:

    I think it would be best used to help prepare teachers for teaching evolution. I am participating through my district a statewide grant which is writing curriculum on evolution and the nature of science and we had some fascinating discussions about the challenges to teaching these subjects in the middle school classroom and I can see this video supporting teachers in that group and in the study group that my district is supporting this year once a month after school.

    Our 7th grade teachers are definitely struggling with having the background in Nature of Science and in the field of evolutionary biology required to teach this subject confidently. This video does this well. My one objection is that any presentation needs to be respectful of religion. I think this does this fairly well. But we can drive off the teachers who want to do the right thing but are feeling conflict due to the culture wars being waged all around us if we are disrespectful of religion in general. They cannot be made to feel that scientists are looking down on all religions when in reality most religions have no problem with these issues. I wish that had been stressed more, but the points made are excellent.

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