Arizona Science Teachers “Zoned In” on Evolution

It was my privilege to be a guest speaker last Friday, 28Th September, at the Arizona Science Teacher Association, annual conference in Mesa Arizona. The theme of my talk was “Why students consider a fundamental theory of science to be faulty and what to do about it”and “How to achieve a deeper understanding of student’s underpinning religious beliefs concerning evolution”

My talk was scheduled for 9:00 am in the morning over a free breakfast, so I really was not expecting a large audience,boy was I ever wrong!! The room, that I estimated would hold approx 100 people was packed and then some. My talk was to last 55mins, went into a hour and 15 mins much to the annoyance of the organizers,who finally came in and asked us to end.

The teachers ALL agreed that evolution was a fundamental concept of science that has to be taught in a science class and they were all determined to do this no matter what the contradictions may be. Many of them had visited the Florida Citizens for Science web site and studied the “personal development” section that Brandon has written and had also read Dave Campbell’s article. Yes guys we are known and respected as far away as Arizona.

These were a great group of teachers and educators, who I can confidently say of, the science education for the kids in Arizona, is in very capable hands.

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7 Responses to Arizona Science Teachers “Zoned In” on Evolution

  1. Kathy S says:

    That is GREAT news Jonathan! I wonder if you would have the same (positive) response here in Florida. I kind of think not. I, personally, know many biology teachers who do NOT feel that evolution is a fundamental concept of science nor that it should be taught in science class without also teaching its “strengths and weaknesses”. I’m anxious to see what happens at the Florida Association of Science Teachers convention in October!

  2. Brandon Haught says:

    Jonathan, what do you mean by “personal development” section? I’m just curious what you are referring to.

  3. Jonathan Smith says:

    Brandon, I was refering to your Science Education Resources
    section,which is full of great material for personal development.

  4. Brandon Haught says:

    Actually, I can’t take credit for all of that. Mary Bahr did all of heavy lifting there. I just made it look pretty.

  5. Jonathan Smith says:

    My apologies to Mary,but you both did a outstanding job .You have no idea how I feel when visiting other parts of the country and have science educators thank FCS for their efforts. I could not be more proud to be associated with such a fine group of people.
    OK,now I’m getting all mushy.

  6. James F says:

    This is great news: if Arizona faces any antievolution legislation in the future, they have an excellent role model in FCS.

  7. MaryB says:

    That is so cool that all our work is getting used! Thanks Jonathan!

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