Tomfoolery in Texas

“Dentist” Don McLeroy, and the Texas Board of Education is gearing up to return science education in Texas back to the 19th century.This is the latest efforts by religious conservatives to discredit TOE after efforts to incorporate creationism into the science standards have repeatedly failed. Lessons in “the weaknesses of evolution” could be coming to Texas public schools as soon as March 2009

“I don’t think the evidence supports evolution”said Mc Leroy a self described creationist,” I’ve been reading a lot and there are three major problems with evolution” First,gaps in the fossil record and no transitional fossils. Second,there has not been enough time on earth for evolution to have happen.Thirdly,the incredible complexity of living cells proves divine design.(all sound familier ?)

This is a  battle we could be facing again in Florida, so give your support to the Texas Freedom Network!

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22 Responses to Tomfoolery in Texas

  1. MaryB says:

    They have a petition to sign and a toolkit with background info, etc.
    These guys have a much tougher callenge than we did form what I can see.

  2. firemancarl says:

    Sounds like a commercial from the Disco Institute!

  3. ABO says:

    You know, it would seem that at some point those who are real scientist would stand up for real science. Wasting time trying to prop up this mystical molecule to man foolishness has cost the students of this country much and that foolishness has given biological science itself a clouded appearance of being religiously atheistic.

  4. Wolfhound says:

    I suppose to you a “real scientist” is one who embraces the “mystical man in the sky done did it non-theory”. Please do enlighten us as to what you feel the “cost” to students has been for not embracing your theology in science class?

  5. zygosporangia says:

    …a clouded appearance of being religiously atheistic.

    ABO, you try too hard to sound intelligent, and the result is often hilarious. “religiously atheistic” is redundant.

  6. Wolfhound says:

    Zygo, this is his schtick: The ToE is atheism so is a religion. ‘Cause atheism is a religion, you know. Since ToE = atheism and atheism=religion, ToE shouldn’t be taught in public schools.

    Yes, it’s pathetic the amount of projection the godbots exhibit.

  7. James F says:

    Hang on…how can evolution be “mystical” when it’s creationism (and the neocreationism of intelligent design) that’s based on supernatural causation, while evolution has all the evidence-based, peer-reviewed research?

  8. zygosporangia says:

    Yeah, the godbots can’t seem to comprehend that TOE has nothing to do with religion or atheism. Furthermore, they can’t wrap their tiny little brains around the definition of atheism.

    Let me break it down for ABO’s benefit. Atheism is not “a theism”, it is the absence of religion. The absence of religious belief is not the same as religious belief. This is a concept simple enough for a five-year-old to follow.

  9. S.Scott says:

    I’m beginning to think that ABO is a POE.

  10. ABO says:

    Mr. zygosporangia, try not to confuse yourself. You are here X. You have a mythological belief. It’s not real, wake up!

    In the academic fields of mythology, mythography, or folkloristics, a myth is a sacred story usually concerning the origins of the world or how the world and the creatures in it came to be their present form. Myths are often said to take place before recorded history begins.
    Religion also encompasses ancestral or cultural traditions, writings history, and mythology, as well as personal faith and religious experience.

    Religion=mythology=sacred monkey story=and here you are.

  11. ABO says:


    Evolution has all the evidence, do you mean no one else can see rocks. Peer-reviewed research, come on even cult members agree with each other.

  12. PatrickHenry says:

    To: ABO

    Dear creationist friend:

    I am contacting you because of your internet writings and your steadfast belief in creationism. This shows me that you have good judgment and are someone upon whom I can rely.

    I am the widow of a recently deceased Nigerian general, who left US$30 Million in a crate stored at a security company in Europe. He was the victim of a Darwinist conspiracy.

    I desperately need your help in retrieving the crate so I can enjoy what my husband left for me. In exchange for your help, I will give you half of this fortune.

    Please send me US$10,000. With this, I can pay my debts, leave Nigeria, meet you in Europe, and together we will share the contents of the crate.

    Please contact me at once.

    I am,
    Yours in creationism,
    (Mrs.) Elizabeth Nubongi
    Lagos, Nigeria

  13. Guest says:

    @ Patrick Henry,

    That is the funniest post I have ever seen. Well done! You have the “most creative post of the year award” in the bag!


  14. zygosporangia says:

    It’s not real, wake up!

    So, are you claiming that your own religious beliefs aren’t real either then? Based on the definitions you gave me, your own (il-)logic would apply to your own fundamentalist YEC beliefs.

    Why is what you believe real?

  15. zygosporangia says:

    Oh, and did anyone else notice that this is article #666? 😉

  16. Wolfhound says:

    Crickets chirping, Zygo. Crickets chirping.

  17. ABO says:


    “So, are you claiming that your own religious beliefs aren’t real either then?”

    No, thats what the monkey people believe, remember.

  18. ABO says:


    As much as it pains me, agreeing with the Guest must be done. Brandon should diffintly pin you in.

  19. zygosporangia says:

    As usual, ABO can’t see past his own double-standard.

  20. Wolfhound says:

    And, as usual, handwaving with no answer. Plus the standard “ToE is religion” claptrap. He really IS boring now. I know it works in his church but around here, if you keep repeating the same lie, that doesn’t make it true and doesn’t convince anybody.

  21. Wolfhound says:

    Again, ABO: Why is what you believe real?

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