And the sausage-making begins

We’re tracking several bills in the Florida legislature that have a high potential to be bad news for science education (see our issues page for the whole list of projects we’re tracking). The legislative session officially kicks off tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 9) but already one of the bills we’re concerned about is jumping out of the gate. HB 827 — Instructional Materials is scheduled for its first hearing in the PreK-12 Quality Subcommittee this Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 1 p.m. If you’ve been sitting back waiting for something to do (Why in the world are you waiting?! Sheesh!), now is the time for action. Contact every member of that committee and educate them on why this bill is a bad idea. Refer to our issues page specific to this bill for talking points.

Also, the National Center for Science Education has noted that the House Bill now has a Senate companion. Our many thanks for their constant support!

Writing about HB 827, a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel (December 5, 2017) connected the dots: “Last session they passed a law to empower activists who want certain books out of classrooms. And now, a new bill would allow activists to suggest new books students read instead — and require school boards to solicit bids for the book, no matter how nutty it is.” The result, he argued, would be a waste of time.

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