In other news …

I’ve been focusing on the flurry of activity concerning the new draft science standards and its inclusion of evolution here on the FCS blog lately. But there is other interesting stuff happening out there!

— Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is scheduled to speak at the University of Florida, Nov. 6. That should be a fun time!

— “Several University of North Florida students became ill — two needing hospitalization — when fumes from a natural science lab caused a building on campus to be evacuated Tuesday afternoon, according to a Jacksonville Fire-Rescue spokesman.”

— “Discovery’s astronauts are speeding toward the International Space Station and the start of the most demanding surge of construction work since outpost assembly began a decade ago.”

— “When it was launched 17 years ago, scientists and mission engineers for the Ulysses project knew they should expect, well, the unexpected. After all, the joint NASA/European Space Agency-managed spacecraft was going where no spacecraft had gone before – above and below the sun’s poles.”

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