3rd editorial supports evolution

The Sun-Sentinel jumps aboard, supporting evolution in the new draft science standards.

About time for evolution

Florida’s public education system has finally evolved to the point where evolution can be taught. Welcome to the real world, Florida.

Most scientists don’t even think evolution is debatable. But you can be sure there will be folks, perhaps even legislators, demanding that creationism and “intelligent design” and whatever else should be given equal time. If they want to have that debate, fine, but keep it out of science classes.

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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One Response to 3rd editorial supports evolution

  1. bipolar2 says:

    ** A copy of a letter sent to Senators Huckabee, and Romney **

    * The supporters of intelligent design prove its falsity by believing “in” it. *

    Evolution is a “theory” in the same way that “Special Relativity” is a theory. “Theory” marks its centrality and preeminence, not only in science but within human thought as a whole. No religion, now or ever, will command such cross-cultural agreement.

    Darwin never referred to his view as “evolution” but as “descent with modification” in 1858. The idea that new species might emerge from a common ancestor was no novelty. Nor was the idea that nature displays no benevolence — “nature red in tooth and claw.” (Americans have not yet caught up with early Victorian thought expressed by Tennyson, “In Memoriam.” LVI 1850.)

    Nor was the idea that an entire species could become extinct. Nor was the idea that time was what we call “deep time” or “geological time” — vast stretches of millions of years in which life was present but human life was not. In this case, the work was Sir Charles Lyell’s Principles of Geology (1830).

    What was new? Darwin’s mechanism of descent with modification which he called “natural selection” to compare nature’s action with artificial selection by a dog breeder or pigeon fancier.

    What makes natural selection so uncomfortable? In operation, it has no goal and achieves no purpose. It is a random trial-and-error process dependent upon differential reproductive success. (Puritanical religions — Xianity, Islam, and Judaism — violently denigrate human sexuality.)

    Darwin knew exactly what he had done and what deep ingratitude he would receive. Life in its multitudinous forms requires no life force, no élan vital, no teleological principle, no design, no purpose, no god.

    Darwin solved a famous puzzle, for all species: how can order arise from randomness.

    Since evolution through natural selection is true, then Genesis is false. Period. Biblical literalism is false, dead false.

    Any politician who “disbelieves” in evolution via natural selection is an ignoramus, or a typical politicking hypocrite. Probably both. Period.

    copyright asserted 2007

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