Do candles burn in space?

Space shuttle Endeavour astronauts hung out with some kids in Orlando recently to talk about their experiences in space. They had a lot of good, educational things to say, and they, hopefully, motivated some kids to pay attention to their school work.

Cmdr. Scott Kelly, a two-time space traveler with local ties to Volusia County, said flying in space was “cool,” especially the thrust of the liftoff and floating in space. But he also told them dreams can come true if they get an education.

Mentioned in that article is an interesting project teachers can get involved with.

When shuttle Endeavour lifted off for the international space station last month, its precious cargo included more than seven astronauts. In the payload bay were 1 million cinnamon basil seeds. A small amount of seeds were left behind for occupants of the space station to grow as part of a national challenge to teachers.

NASA is inviting teachers to order some of the seeds to grow in their classrooms as part of the STS-118 Challenge. Educators need to create their own version of a growth chamber, grow the seeds into plants and then send their findings to NASA.

The link provided in the story is wrong, though. Go here to find out about this Challenge.

One of the students asked the astronauts if a candle will burn in space. Do you know the answer? Think about it for a minute or two, then head over here for an answer.

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