Good shuttle story

Here is a good story about the recent shuttle landing and a recap of the overall mission. I like how the media is taken to task for putting so much focus on the heat shield tile damage rather than on the mission itself. Astronauts just can’t get any respect, can they? I also like Morgan’s interest in promoting science and math education.

Christa McAuliffe’s backup in the original Teacher-in-Space program, Morgan waited 21 years to fulfill the legacy of the fallen Challenger astronauts. While she did not teach any lessons from space as McAuliffe once planned, she chatted with school kids during two modest educational events and plans a busy schedule of post-flight appearances to promote science and math education.

“What I really want to do is take what this experience was and figure out how we can do a better job to help serve our students and our teachers in a way they want that will be more helpful to them,” Morgan said. “And I would love to figure out how we can make more and more of these opportunities available for more and more of our teachers.”

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