Religious Liberties Bill: Analysis and Fasting

I know. It’s the weekend. You’re recharging for the week ahead. But I have to ask you to do something on behalf of science education. I have to ask you to send some emails and make some calls. Yes, your voice matters and right now we really need it.

We here at Florida Citizens for Science have been keeping you updated on some bills in our Florida legislature that we think might cause trouble in science classrooms across the Sunshine State. The Religious Liberties bills, filed in both the House and the Senate, are facing the first hurdle on Monday in a Senate Education Committee hearing. (See the Religious Liberties Act 2017 category of this blog for all the background.) Please take some time this weekend to send an email or leave a phone message with the committee members voicing your opposition to this unnecessary and potentially harmful bill.

I encourage you to read the analysis of the bill written by the Senate Education Committee staff. I think you’ll come away convinced that the bill overall, with or without our science education concerns, is completely unnecessary.

danielsAlso of note is that the House bill sponsor is working overtime in support of the bills. Rep. Kim Daniels has asked supporters to fast in support of the Senate bill in its upcoming committee hearing.

Daniels tells us that constituents of hers wanted such a bill, and unlike any other bill she’s carrying this session, she has worked to sell this one.

Last month, Daniels held a rally in Tallahassee in support of the measure.

And this weekend, she’s leading a fast in support.

“Senate Bill 436 – filed by Senator Baxley as the Companion Bill to HB 303 will be heard on Monday in Tallahassee. We are fasting Sunday from 8 am through Tuesday @ 6pm (The 1st day of Session)…let the Lord lead you on the kind of fast if you desire to participate. Our fast is liquid only,” Daniels posted to Facebook Friday.

Let’s show them that YOU are ready to stand up for sound science education. Flood the senators with correspondence that shows we care, we are active and we are going to speak up on behalf of our children’s education!

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