It’s truly an honor!

I’m very honored and excited to be selected as one of two teacher scholarship winners, receiving an all-expenses-paid eight-day raft trip through the Grand Canyon, hosted by the National Center for Science Education this summer! Is that just pure awesome or what?!

NCSE news release: Congratulations to the 2016 NCSE Grand Canyon Teacher Scholarship winners!

“This trip will be the adventure of a lifetime for Haught and Davis,” explained NCSE’s Steve Newton, a geologist and one of NCSE’s guides on the annual raft trip. “Teachers who work so hard for their students and the science-literate future of America deserve some time to relax on the Colorado River. But we’ll be making them work, too. The Grand Canyon is the greatest geology teaching lab in the world, and they’ll be able to explore geological processes up close, place their hands on rock layers laid down before the first multi-cellular fossils, and see how plate tectonics, erosion, volcanoes, wind, and waves built up and carved down the landscape. I can’t wait to see what lesson plans they develop based on that experience.” As part of the scholarship application, both teachers committed to produce a lesson plan and student assessment based on the trip, which NCSE will make available for other teachers to use.

Oh, man … they’re going to make me work?! I guess I’ll endure somehow.

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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8 Responses to It’s truly an honor!

  1. Pierce R. Butler says:

    Bravo, Brandon!

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    Congrats Brandon, I’ve done the trip with my daughter several years ago and so did Joe Wolf. You are going to have a blast.

  3. cope says:

    Congratulations, you will love it. In March of my freshman year of college, that was the spring trip our geology department took although we got out at Phantom Ranch and then hiked up to the south rim.

    It was the centennial year of Powell’s first descent of the river and we were the first group on the water that season. It was only entrenched my love of geology more deeply than it already was.

    Have a great time, prepare to get wet and take lots of pictures.

  4. Chris says:

    Congratulations! What a great opportunity.

    I’ve been to the north rim once and the south three times but never had the time for the river, mabey someday.

    It’s an amazing place. If you like to toy with the rangers just ask how come the whole place looks like it was underwater over a very short period of time. Shouldn’t there be signs of jagged erosion for the millions of years between strata layers and not perfectly flat as far as you can see? Some of their answers are priceless. Answers like, that’s a good question (with no answer) or they tell us to say millions of years, I don’t believe it either.

    Have a great time.

  5. Ivorygirl says:

    What a brilliant mind you must have, you can just look and determine that it’s obvious that the Grand Canyon was formed by Noah’s Flood. All those geologists who have spent years studying and researching must be in awe of you. I must admit I know where you’re coming from. On my last trip to Yellowstone National Park it was so obvious to me that the geysers of old faithful were, in fact, Satan’s Nostrils.

  6. Chris says:

    O Ivorygirl you’re to kind. I can take no credit, it’s really nothing, anyone who simply looks at reality can tell what happened at the GC. But you are mistaken, I’m the one standing in awe at all those geologists who have spent years and years compiling theory upon theory to support those millions of years evolution needs. Geology and has got to be hard work. We all know that you’ve got an extra large imagination. Satan’s Nostrils is almost as good as whale evolutionI. Even though I doubt Satan has much to do with old faithful I’m pretty sure he had a major part in dating the strata at the Grand Canyon.

  7. Ivorygirl says:

    You said ‘anyone who simply looks at reality can tell what happened at the GC.” Is that the same kind of reality you perceive in 700 year old humans, talking donkeys and virgin births, all without a shred of evidence? Also I’m glad you made it clear that any one disagreeing with your position (geologist’s scientist) are, in your opinion, all under the influence of Satan. I’m so thrilled you have taken the intellectual high ground

  8. Chris says:

    Ivorygirl- For one who believes dogs became whales and lizards can sprout wings I would think talking snakes would fit right in with your uniformatiarn assumptions. But with the observable facts not fitting in well with the compilations of those hard working geologist something must have buffaloed them. Perhaps Satan didn’t need to intervene here. While at the south rim I ask a ranger on one of my trips through where in the canyon I could find the strata levels depicted on the wall. After a long conversation with him I found out the drawing on the wall doesn’t exist at the canyon or anywhere else in the world. Maybe it was the park service who has brainwashed those hard workers. Sad news, it looks like just because you can draw it with a pencil doesn’t make it real.

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