Yet another piece siding with the bad bills appears

You’ve got to hand it to the gang supporting those horrible instructional materials bills. They have influential friends and they’re not afraid to use them. Flagler School Board member Janet McDonald wrote a lengthy Community Voices piece in the Daytona Beach News Journal: Give parents curriculum tools. Of course, it touts all the supposed merits of the bills and moans over their mistreatment in Tallahassee.

The implementation of this law has been met with resistance in some districts, especially when community members choose to voice positions on materials in use. Across the state, parents and community members have identified inappropriate instructional materials relative to age and content, religious or political indoctrination, revisionist history, or pornography appearing in materials chosen from state-suggested lists (links to examples available on

I’ve written a rebuttal this evening and shipped it to the newspaper. I’ll let you know if it’s picked up. This is right here in my backyard!

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