Wow. Someone noticed.

I’m genuinely amazed. Someone with some authority took notice of statewide science scores. But will that translate into action?

Orlando Sentinel School Zone blog: State board member worries about declining science scores

“These are not new tests. They are tests the system is used to,” State Board of Education John Padget said. “As a realist and with a higher helicopter, we have to admit, total Florida, the passing rate in those subjects went down.”

Padget, speaking at today’s board meeting in Tampa, said he’d like to hear more at future meetings about what can be done to improve students’ science knowledge.

Education Commissioner Pam Stewart said the Florida Department of Education will be working to do that, analyzing “where are the gaps that we need to fill in” and how can the state provide more support to school districts looking to enhance science instruction?

“We know there’s work to do,” she said.

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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