Tougher curriculum to come in Florida?

This news article says that Florida legislators will be crafting an education bill to, among other things, create a tougher curriculum. I don’t like the line about “increased emphasis on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.” I wonder if this new bill will affect the upcoming science standards review?

A draft of the bill that House Schools and Learning Council members will consider Wednesday would pave the way to replace Florida’s 11-year-old curriculum policy, known as the Sunshine State Standards, with a set of more rigorous goals, which Rubio calls World Class Education Standards.

But Vana, Crawford and other education leaders agree the Sunshine State Standards are outdated and need revising.

“A lot of the ideas in this bill have come from problems the school districts are telling us they’re having,” said Wayne Blanton, president of the Florida School Boards Association. “But this is a big project. My main concern is that we don’t try to rush it and do it all at once.”

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