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In response to Senator Stephen Wise’s “non-evolution” “theory of whatever” bill (SB 1854, critical analysis of evolution in public schools), concerned citizen Eduardo Pazos of Miami Beach started an online petition. It’s off to a good start with 211 signatures so far. However, many signatures are from out of state folks. We need more people from Florida to sign on. Also, this petition site sends an e-mail to our target audience, the state legislature, every time someone signs.

When you sign the petition, I encourage you to use the “leave a comment” link that is right below the fields you fill out when you sign. The last time we used a petition, it wasn’t so much the number of people who signed, but rather the names of significant individuals and the comments people made when signing that made an impact. Spread the word!

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  1. Ivory Girl says:


  2. Alan Conwell says:

    Received this robo-reply from my Representative after signing:

    From: “Drake, Brad” <… [Edit Address Book]
    Subject: RE: No on SB 1854
    Date: Mar 30, 2011 11:21 AM


    I respectfully disagree. I support teaching creationism in our public


    Hm. Although chilling to have my rep in the Fl house so blithely unaware of SCOTUS decisions and admit his theocratic bias, at least this is more honest than teaching (?) "non-evolution" or "theory of whatever".

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