Evolution “caught in the act!” Quick, notify Senator Wise!

Florida citizens: You have a mission! Senator Wise is very busy, and so he may not be aware of some rebellious researchers lurking in Gainesville. These lab-coat wearing troublemakers are stomping all over Sen. Wise’s turf. They are daring to (gasp) conduct research on (gulp) EVOLUTION! We need to let the Senator know right away!

How do I know Sen. Wise is busy? The Florida Times-Union published a story about the antievolution bill introduced into our state senate. The sponsor, Sen. Wise, doesn’t have time to talk to the media about his bill:

Wise, who did not return numerous calls from the Times-Union over two days for this story, told a newspaper last week that his bill is merely intended to allow freedom in Florida classrooms.

“Why would you not teach both theories at the same time?” Wise told the Tampa Tribune. He called the other theory “non-evolution.”

Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Florida are learning new and interesting things about the evolution of plants: Flowering plant study ‘catches evolution in the act’.

A new University of Florida study shows when two flowering plants are crossed to produce a new hybrid, the new species’ genes are reset, allowing for greater genetic variation.

Researchers say the study, to be published March 17 in Current Biology, could lead to a better understanding of how to best grow more stable and higher yielding agricultural crops.

“We caught evolution in the act,” said Doug Soltis, a distinguished professor in UF’s biology department and study co-author. “New and diverse patterns of gene expression may allow the new species to rapidly adapt in new environments.”

So, research based on evolution is happening right here in Senator Wise’s state! Oh no! Does he know this? He needs to amend his bill to mandate critical analysis of these researchers’ important and potentially useful findings right away. Where is all the research going on involving “non-evolution?” We need to have balance and fairness, after all! I think everyone needs to fax, e-mail and mail this article to Wise in order to alert him to this nefarious plot going on right under his nose!



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4 Responses to Evolution “caught in the act!” Quick, notify Senator Wise!

  1. Ivory Girl says:

    Come on Brandon,more evilutionist lies. If Daises are changing into another flower how come there are still daisies?????

  2. Brandon Haught says:

    Good one! You definitely speak Wise’s language.

  3. Stacy says:

    Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Brandon? *shock*!

  4. Allan R. says:

    Non-evolutionist (Really–is that what they are calling it now?) explanation:

    The new hybrid species is the result not of natural law but Divine Law. This law is known as the “ordained continuous becoming of living things.” Apparently, when the creator gets bored with what’s already here he ats to increase diversity. So, it is by Divine Will alone that new species arise. I mean haven’t these scientists heard of the law of immutability? Honestly!

    I suppose these misguided UF scientists will next be telling us that chromosome number can change spontaneously in plant species . . . wait, that’s exactly what they are saying–blasphemy!

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