Florida Academy of Sciences opposes Wise’s bill

The Florida Academy of Sciences has issued a position statement opposing Senator Stephen Wise’s antievolution bill. A pdf of their position statement is here. Some excerpts from the Florida Academy of Sciences’ statement:

SB 1854, in effect, leaves the door open for the introduction in the public school curriculum of nonscientific and covertly religious doctrines. The proposed bill would be damaging to the quality of science education of Florida’s children and the scientific literacy of our citizens. It would further undermine the reputation of our state and adversely affect our economic future as we try to attract new high tech and biomedical jobs to Florida.

Therefore the Florida Academy of Sciences opposes Florida Senate Bill 1854 in the strongest terms possible. We urge the Senate to reject this proposed legislation.

For background, our previous news release about Florida Citizen’s for Science’s position is here.

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Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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