Yup, we helped!

Remember our 2nd annual fundraising project hosted here back in September? We raised $1,775 and helped 13 classrooms buy needed science education supplies. I want to share with you thank you letters from the teachers and the cool photos of students interacting with the new stuff.

Just Elementary School, Tampa shows us their new dissection kits.

Royal Palm Charter School, Palm Bay has some new class pets to study.

Lockhart Middle School, Orlando has students who are really “gellin”.

Ocean Palms Elementary School, Ponte Vedra Beach has first-graders going out of this world.

Now don’t those letters and photos make you feel all tingly inside?

About Brandon Haught

Communications Director for Florida Citizens for Science.
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  1. James F says:

    I love this. Very proud to have donated toward FCfS’s goals. More kids that understand and appreciate science, and maybe (if they’re somewhat insane) will go into science themselves! ;-D

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